Leadership Workshops



Healthy Disclosure 

Participants will explore why people talk too much or too little, the relationship between knowledge and power, and how disclosure creates insider vs. outsider dynamics that limit new member participation. “What do I do with what I know?” and other pressing leadership quandaries will be addressed. Participants will develop a ready-to-use communication policy for their congregations.

Transformational Leadership

Longstanding habits that can be changed are resistance to change, a few ruling the whole, antagonists and alliances. This workshop is designed to train congregational leaders (new and ongoing) to lead from strengths, set healthy boundaries, and communicate effectively. Congregational leaders are often recruited for tasks and begin leadership without job descriptions, terms of office, or on-the-job training. Avoiding frustration and burn-out in these positions will increase congregational vitality.

Secrets Congregations Keep

Participants will learn to recognize the signs and symptoms of a congregation with one or more old secrets, assess the damage, and prepare for appropriate disclosures and healing. In church families keeping old secrets actually allows for the keeping of new ones, with more damage occurring over time. The proverbial method of “sweeping things under the rug,” will be explored along with a more open and transparent method of leadership that frees the congregation for mission and growth.

Good People/Bad Habits

What should be done when someone sends an anonymous email with harsh criticism of the pastor to twenty-five people in the congregation? How do you keep the prayer chain from becoming gossip-central? What can a congregation do to squelch rumors before they explode? How can a congregation teach members to be positive and respectful? Participants will learn to understand the motivations for such behaviors and to STOP bad habits no matter how long they’ve been in place.