Workshops on Human Sexuality Issues in Congregations


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Preventing Sexual Abuse in the Congregation

Clergy and lay leaders will find this workshop helpful in the development of congregational policies that protect individuals and congregations from sexual harassment and abuse. Participants will learn skills to provide respect and model responsible touch behaviors. They will learn to create ethical boundaries for everyone, from greeters to youth counselors. At the end of the day leaders will have learned ways to eliminate risks and congregational vulnerability, celebrated sexuality, and learned what to do about past sexual secrets and registered sex offenders in the congregation.

Sex at Church: Secrets & Shame, Sanctuary & Ethics

This workshop is provided in response to the majority of congregations who have had (or are now having) conflicts about human sexuality issues. One in three congregations has experienced the damage of sexual harassment or abuse. The workshop affirms that we are fearfully and wonderfully made, and celebrates sexuality. A presentation on the biochemistry of sex normalizes attraction and behavior. Participants will learn how to talk to each other about sexuality issues in congregations and to protect the congregation from sexual abuse. Participants also come away from the workshop with a better acceptance of their own sexuality and awareness of ethical sexual boundaries.

Becoming People of Grace

Using the traditional hymn “Amazing Grace,” participants in this workshop will learn to grace themselves and others in their families and congregations. Each section of the day will involve participants in journal writing on themes from verses of the hymn. Small group sharing will follow. The psychological and interpersonal damage of shame will be explored. Ways that shame affect creeps into our lives will be discussed and redressed. Shame affect in the life of congregations will also be examined. Christian theological perspectives and biblical materials that focus on grace will be highlighted.

(Any workshop can be adapted for retreats, courses, or keynote addresses)