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Shame­less Lives, Grace­full Congregations
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Why read this book?

  • Because you are tired of negative criticism in your congregation
  • Because you need to confront someone who spreads rumors
  • You want to know what to say about a staff dismissal
  • You can’t decide if the pastor has a “right” to know the giving records
  • Because the prayer chain has turned into gossip
  • In order to stop “anonymous” feedback
  • To learn when a pastoral confession must be shared, with whom and why

This book helps clergy and lay leaders think through and develop policies for confidentiality, financial information, and communications between staff and congregants. Readers will reduce the risk of running into hurtful situations and possible litigation.

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Preventing Sexual Abuse in Congregations:
A Resource for Leaders
Dr. Karen A. McClintock
Preventing Sexual Abuse in Congregations is compelling, to the point, and practical; it is also a must-read for clergy and lay leaders in churches, synagogues, and other religious organizations. This superb book, which can be easily understood and appreciated by both professionals and nonprofessionals, fulfills an important need in contemporary religion. Dr. Lawrence J. RyanAre you ready to abuse-proof your congregation? If one child or adult is spared the confusing ordeal of unwanted touch, it will be worth your time to read this book.

In this comprehensive resource, Methodist pastor and pastoral psychologist Karen McClintock demonstrates that sexual abuse in congregations is preventable and gives clergy and lay leaders the tools they need to prevent sexual abuse in congregations. This book shows congregations how to protect children and vulnerable adults, prevent sexual harassment either by clergy or of clergy, and strengthen clergy families by raising awareness of the occupational and emotional risks inherent in pastoral ministry.When you have finished this book, you will be familiar with conditions in parishes and in the mental health of individuals within them that lead to risky behaviors.

You will be equipped to recognize and set sexual boundaries for yourself and to open dialogue about these issues in your congregation. You will have laughed at, celebrated, and honored human sexual power, pleasure, and vulnerability. You will have gained the knowledge you need, and perhaps the courage, to communicate these ideas within your congregation so that children and vulnerable adults are protected. (From the Foreword by Dr. Nancy Meyer Hopkins)

ISBN 1-56699-295-8; paper
$18.00 ($13.50 for Alban Institute members)
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Sexual Shame:
An Urgent Call to Healing
Dr. Karen A. McClintockAre you carrying shame about a past or current sexual desire, abuse, or behavior? This book identifies the assumptions, theology, and traditions that often contribute to sexual shame. Many readers have been helped to release their shame and claim their God-given worthiness by reading this book.Chapter one provides an historic overview of theories of sexual shame; chapter two provides a theological framework for exploring issues of sexual shame; chapter three reviews Judeo-Christian biblical perspectives on sexuality; chapter four identifies twentieth century cultural shifts in perspectives and attitudes on human sexuality and marriage that provide the context for the experience of sexual shame; chapter five identifies shame-based distortions of human sexuality; chapter six delineates the congregational context of sexual shame; chapters seven and eight offer models of recovery from sexual shame for both individuals and congregations.

ISBN 8006-3238-9; paper
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